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Youthforia is a makeup company that was launched in 2021 by Fiona Co Chan. The brand believes that makeup is an extension of skincare and has therefore created a line of makeup products that are clean, vegan, cruelty-free, and made with plant-based ingredients. In addition, Youthforia is committed to sustainability and uses biobased ingredients instead of fossil fuels. The brand’s makeup is unique because it is designed to be slept in, meaning that it is gentle on the skin and nourishing.

Youthforia’s products are manufactured in South Korea, and the brand follows Green Chemistry principles to formulate products that are at least 90% naturally derived. The products are certified by the USDA BioPreferred Program, and they are designed to be multi-taskers that not only make you look and feel beautiful but also provide high-quality treatment for your skin. The products are infused with a proprietary blend found in the Skin Chi complex, which is a key part of the brand’s philosophy of caring for your skin.

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Fiona Co Chan, the founder of Youthforia, is passionate about green chemistry and sustainability. She believes that makeup should be good for the skin and friendly to the planet. During the development of Youthforia, Fiona slept in all of the lab samples to ensure that the makeup was gentle on the skin and nourishing. Her commitment to sustainability and innovation has earned her recognition as an Eco Beauty Hero and Disruptor by Byrdie Eco Awards.

Youthforia’s products are suitable for all skin types, including normal, dry, combination, sensitive, acne-prone, and mature skin. The brand recommends that customers patch test new products on their skin before using them regularly to avoid any adverse reactions. Youthforia’s BYO Blush is a popular product that is designed to be applied directly to a clean blush brush before being applied to the cheeks and blended. The blush is buildable, and customers can use it on top of foundation or on bare skin.

Youthforia is a makeup company that is committed to creating fun, clean, sustainable makeup that acts like skincare. The brand’s philosophy is to make makeup that is good for the skin and the planet. With a range of products that are suitable for all skin types, Youthforia is a brand that is well worth exploring. Customers can take a 90-second quiz on the Youthforia website to find personalized makeup products that work for them and their skin.

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Youthforia Products

Byo blush: This is the world’s first color-changing blush oil that reacts to your skin’s pH to give you a natural flush. It is made with 20 plant-based oils and extracts to act as a treatment for your cheeks.

Byo blush shades: This is the same formula as the best-selling color-changing blush, but it comes in three tinted shades. It hydrates and nourishes cheeks while also providing a flattering flush of color.

Night off face wash: This is a gentle green tea deep cleanser that removes dirt, sunscreen, and makeup without over stripping or dehydrating your skin. It also gently exfoliates dead skin and makeup buildup with real green tea leaves.

Dewy gloss: This is a nourishing lip gloss treatment made with 100% plant-based oils to hydrate dry lips and provide a glossy finish.

Pregame collection: This collection includes two products – Pregame primer and Pregame setting spray. Pregame primer is a daily protective primer that protects skin, reduces redness, and controls sebum for long-lasting makeup. Pregame setting spray is a moisturizing setting spray that creates a protective film to prevent pollution from sticking onto makeup.

In addition to the individual products, Youthforia also offers several product bundles, including the Byo blush bundle, everyday makeup bundle, game on bundle, blush kit, and prep your skin bundle.

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