BedJet Heating & Cooling for Beds

BedJet is a cooling and heating system for your bed that attaches to any size bed with any type mattress. Adjust the temperature, the speed of the air flow and multiple timer settings to keep yourself as cool or as warm as you want any time of the year.

Mark Aramli is founder and CEO of BedJet. LLC. Mark’s first job after graduating with engineer degrees from the University of Connecticut and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute was for United Technologies. While there, he was a member of the team responsible for the Portable Life Support System for NASA space suits, including controlling the humidity, removing the heat and providing cooling for the interior of the suit.

Mark later applied the technology used in the aerospace industry to provide the ultimate in sleeping comfort. During hot nights, the patented ventilation cooling rapidly wicks body heat and moisture out of the bed for heavenly cooling relief. The heating mode provides a deep sauna-like warmth in merely seconds. It’s a safer alternative to electric blankets and warms the bed 15 times faster.

There is no major installation involved. The BedJet needs only 6 inches of space under the bed, and you can use it with your existing sheets (250 count recommended). Or you can use the optional AirComfort Cloud Sheet.

Why heat or cool the whole house when all you need is a perfectly fine-tuned environment in your bed!

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BedJet Features

  • A wireless handheld remote control accesses basic functions.
  • A free Bluetooth-connected app for smartphones accesses all functions, e.g., wake-up alarm (a temperature trigger, not a shrill ringing), auto-shut-off timing, biorhythm sleep technology.
  • Fan speed adjusts.
  • Temperatures can be programmed to change throughout the night.
  • The dual-zone option allows partners to each sleep comfortably—no matter how disparate their sleeping preferences.
  • The air-based system has a soothing “white noise” sound.

Three BedJet Options

  • The single BedJet heats or cools the full surface of the bed for the solo sleeper.
  • The single BedJet + Dual Zone Cloud Sheet heats or cools one side of the bed for couples when one person does not want the temperature changed.
  • The BedJet Dual Zone model includes two BedJets and the Cloud Sheet when both partners want to “personalize” their sleeping climate.

BedJet’s flexibility and ease of use makes it suitable for the elderly, recuperating patients, and athletes whose performance depends on a good night’s sleep.

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BedJet and Aromatherapy

Add more luxury to your sleep time with an Aromatherapy Kit. Replace the BedJet nozzle with the Aromatherapy nozzle and drift off to sleep surrounded by the calming scent of the essential oil of your choice, such as lavender, tea tree or chamomile.

BedJet Gives Back

Mark donates a portion of the proceeds from BedJet to charities that serve the homeless.

With the advantage of his access to an international supply chain, Mark was able to source N95 masks from manufacturers around the world to keep the most vulnerable safe during the pandemic. He supplied more than 3,600 masks to hospitals and nursing homes in New York and Rhode Island, his home state, and to the police and fire departments in Newport, Rhode Island.

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