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Beekeeping is a growing trend across the country. As people strive to become more organic and self-sustaining, they have begun incorporating food sources other than simple fruits and vegetables. Honey is one of these great food sources and is easy to include in your own backyard farm.

Even in cities, beekeeping is popular. Compact designs allow urban beekeepers to keep hives on rooftops or balconies. The keeper gets great honey while helping the bee population sustain and grow their numbers.

Bee Thinking is a modern beekeeper supplier that’s planted firmly in the middle of this eco-conscious, urban beekeeping movement.

Bee Thinking is one of the few Top Bar Hive and Warre Hive manufacturers in the world. These hives are specially designed to be easy to manage and don’t require expensive equipment or harmful chemicals to extract the honey.

In constructing their hives, Bee Thinking only uses the highest quality Western Red Cedar, kiln dried to less than 18% moisture which provides strong lumber that won’t warp or crack. The end result is a beautiful hive that will stand the test of time and doesn’t require painting or sealing as those built with pine do.

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Bee Thinking also offers an amazing assortment of bee products including honey, candles, raw beeswax, and high-quality bath and body products made from beeswax. They also have all of the gear that you need to keep your bees including tools, gloves, beekeeping suits, books and educational materials and even the bees themselves. Bee Thinking is a one stop shop for the urban beekeeper.

No matter if you’re a beginner or a seasoned expert, Bee Thinking has the tools and expertise to get you exactly what you need to start or manage your own hive.

Update: Bee Thinking is now called Bee Built

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