DigiWrap Custom Wrapping Paper

Entrepreneurs Charlie Williams and Brad Boskovic pitch their business DigiWrap on Episode 11, Season 8. DigiWrap creates custom printed tissue wrapping paper for consumers and businesses. They can print images, logos and artwork with no minimum order size, so it’s great for individuals who want to give unique gifts and for promotional events and corporate marketing initiatives. The cost is higher when ordering individual pieces compared to bulk orders, something they are working on lowering. To order your DigiWrap, you can upload your custom design through their website or through Zazzle.


The process for printing on such a fragile material is a difficult one that took many years to master. Charlie and Brad have extensive experience printing packaging and promotional materials at Brad’s family’s business Lingraph, but their first attempts printing on tissue weren’t exactly successful. The issue wasn’t the quality of the print, it was that the tissue paper kept catching on fire.

After countless experiments, 1000s of burnt pieces of paper, and a tight deadline from an important customer, they managed to dial in the process for an initial custom tissue paper order. The customer loved the results and Charlie and Brad knew they had discovered a unique business opportunity that would be difficult for competitors to copy, and created their own company in the same facility as Lingraph. They put together a rudimentary website in October 2014, and orders started pouring in, including orders from Yahoo and Google. Since then they’ve been honing the printing process, refining the business model, and racing to keep up with the demand.


Shark Tank Air Date: 12/9/16 – Season 8 – Episode 11




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