Earth Log – Eco-Friendly Fire Log

Known as the green fire log, Earth-Log’s line of fire logs made from 100% recycled material are the dream child of the founder after many attempts trying to find a use for the scrap mail sent to his house daily. With perseverance and time, he eventually found the perfect combination of clean waste paper and scrap candle wax resulting in the zero-waste, American-produced and locally sourced logs enjoyed by so many today. When lit, it produces far less smoke than competitors and completely reduces to easy-to-clean ash. Earth-Log comes in a variety of scents. The original is a much enjoyed floral aroma while the brand’s citronella is perfect for outdoor gatherings as an environmentally friendly way to keep the insects at bay. There is even a holiday assortment of more popular smells like pumpkin spice, natural pine and vanilla berry.

The fact that the logs burn 80% hotter results in less smoke and cleaner air, meaning those with respiratory issues and allergies can enjoy the warmth and scent without having to worry about the smoke or any sneezing fits natural logs can lead to. One satisfied customer even put together a thank you video as her asthmatic daughter can now partake in bonfires without coughing or sore eyes. Aside from this, the added scent makes the logs far more useful than just a source of warmth. Some users even keep them around the house and in their cars as air fresheners.

If you’re on the market for more firewood or simply want to test out a new, eco-friendly brand, make the switch Earth-Log. Their construction from 100% recycled material means they don’t put any stress on the environment by using up waste that would have otherwise gone straight to a landfill or shipped to another country. Buy one today and see why so many are making the switch to Earth-Log.

*The company website is no longer available. This product may be discontinued.

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