FireAvert – Prevents Kitchen Fires

According to the National Fire Protection Agency, a fire is caused by an unattended stove every 4 ½ minutes, causing 5,000+ injuries per year and costing hundreds of millions in damage. FireAvert is a simple plug-in device that serves as an emergency breaker to cut the power to a range that has caught fire, before it gets out of control. FireAvert is an easy way to ensure that you’re not one of the many victims of devastating kitchen fires that often ignite in the blink of an eye.

FireAvert continuously monitors your smoke alarms and shuts down your stove after a short warning if smoke is detected. The lifesaving device was created by firefighter Peter Thorpe after years of fighting house fires caused by stoves and ovens. You simply plug the device into the wall, and plug your range into the device. It’s completely maintenance free and requires no batteries, so once it’s installed you’ll forget it’s even there. With an operational lifespan of 25 years, FireAvert is a cheap insurance policy against kitchen fires. It’s ideal for single family homes, student or senior housing, and is perfect for apartment complexes where a fire in one unit can easily spread to the neighbors.

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