Goverre Sippy Cup For Wine

There’s hardly a thing that brings people together faster (and keeps them around longer) than a great glass of chilled wine. One glass becomes two, which becomes three, which ends with the entire room as best friends. Shannon Zappala and Regan Kelaher have helped make this process a little easier with Goverre, a beautiful, inconspicuous travel wine glass for the vino-lover on-the-go. These durable glass cups are the ultimate adult sippy cup, helping make wine taste better on the road as it continues to bring people together everywhere in the world.

As wine lovers themselves, Zappala and Kelaher wanted to bring their favorite blends with them when they enjoyed time with loved ones in the great outdoors. Traditionally, an outdoor picnic, bonfire, camping trip or dip in the pool might be accompanied with a great bottle of light moscato. However, once the wine was onsite, there were very limited ways to get it out of the bottle and onto the tastebuds (which is, of course, the ultimate goal). Solo cups, travel coffee cups and empty water bottles certainly have their place, but Zappala and Kelaher believed none of these were a proper conveyor for individual wine servings.

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That’s why, in 2014, they launched the Kickstarter campaign for Goverre. These chic, tasteful stemless wine glasses are ideal for travel, with their patent-pending leakproof lid and houndstooth silicone sleeve. Goverre holds a hefty 17 ounces of your favorite beverage (namely, all the wines) and is crafted in thick glass that’s shatter-resistant. The silicone sleeve, while looking pretty chic, makes the Goverre glass easy to grip while preventing heat transfer. The true marvel of the cup lies in the lid. Simply press the lid onto the Goverre glass to seal it, then turn the knob to drink straight through it. Turning the knob again seals the glass, preventing spills as it travels in your bag on your way to your next adventure.

This super-simple concept has already made great gains in the retail market. In mid-2014, the Kickstarter campaign raised roughly $63k to help fund the venture. Since then, Goverre has received a full-glass of praise, with features in O Magazine, Better Homes and Gardens, Today, Real Simple and many more publications and news outlets. It might have something to do with the two Californians who started the company. Designed by wine lovers in America’s wine country, Goverre is in a unique position for success. The brand takes the travel cup to the next level, creating a product exclusively made for the purpose of carrying wine from place to place.

At Goverre, two passionate and diverse backgrounds have come together as one for the purpose of creating a cute, useful product that serves people everywhere. Regan Kelaher takes her experience in process improvement from the healthcare industry to help innovate with Goverre. Her co-founder, Shannan Zappala, brings her marketing background from the financial industry to wine with this brand. This unique meeting of the minds, backed with a universal love of classic blends, has ultimately led to the success Goverre continues to see.

Perfect for wine lovers who like to take their glass outdoors, Goverre is easy to travel with and cute enough to carry with pride.

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