Grease Bags Eco-Friendly Oil Disposal

As a home chef, LaTangela Newsome knows how to make things happen in the kitchen. As a single mother, she likes to keep things simple. One thing that was far from simple? Discarding used cooking oils!

Her options weren’t that great. She could rinse it all down the drain and risk clogging her pipes or she could bag it up, box it up, pour it in a used jug of milk, or put it in some other container to throw it out in the garbage. This method seemed acceptable, until she learned about the negative effects of these oils in landfills. The bags and containers she was using to discard household oils were contributing to the waste harming our precious environment. She wanted to change that.


That’s why Newsome created the prototype for Grease Bags, a super-convenient re-sealable bag designed to compost cooking oils naturally. These naturally green products are environmentally responsible, disposable and easy to use. Just pour in your grease and let the naturally occurring microorganisms in the bag absorb, encapsulate and convert cooking oils and animal fats into compost. These are the same type of microorganisms used by government contractors to clean up large oil spills in our oceans and waterways. The lining of the bag soaks up oil in just seconds, and converts it into earth friendly hydrocarbons suitable for use as a fertilizer. The entire bag and everything inside is compostable and biodegradable.

Grease Bags are currently being developed for commercial compost, but will soon be available to use in your own home. It’s perfect for restaurants, hotels or other businesses and organizations that use oils and fats regularly. When the product becomes available to the public, it will be perfect for those of us who can’t get enough fried food. You can save your pipes and save the environment at the same time with Grease Bags.

Shark Tank Air Date: 1/13/17 – Season 8 – Episode 13




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