Hairy Grabster Shower Hair Trap

We lose 50-100 strands of hair every day. Long or thick hair loses more. Short or thin hair loses fewer. It’s all part of the “circle of life” of a hair. We don’t even miss them, because 100 strands are nothing compared to the average 100,000 we have on our heads. We notice when we shampoo our hair and see discarded hair on our hands, on the shower walls, and cruising toward the drain. If we wash our hair, say, every three days, we have about three times the daily fallout. Once a week, seven times. And now you have a real mess on your hands—literally. All that hair gets tangled up around your soapy fingers and eventually transferred to the wall or sent down the drain.

Patty and Andy Watne were tired of pulling giant plugs of hair from the drain and cleaning hair off the walls and floor. So they put their heads together and came up with the HairyGrabster, the only product on the market to offer an easy way to remove tangled hair from the hands and trap it in hundreds of hair-hungry bristles. The shower walls, the floor and the drain are kept clean.

Hairy Grabster Shower Hair Trap Shark Tank 4

The HairyGrabster, which is five inches by five inches, attaches to the wall (glass, ceramic or tile) with suction cups. Both the surface of the suction cups and the wall must be squeaky clean for proper adherence. Then simply swipe your hand over the bristles, first the palm, then the back of the hand. Lose hair is trapped until you clean the HairyGrabster. When the hair is dry, you can clean the Grabster as you would a hairbrush: gently pull hair out of the bristles by running a finger or thin handle down each channel.

Patty had a long career in floral sales and design. Now she is CEO of the family business, The Watne Group LLC. HairyGrabster is the first product developed, patented and marketed. They have more ideas on how to solve everyday problems simply.

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Shark Tank Air Date: 3/26/21 – Season 12 – Episode 18


Hairy Grabster Shower Hair Trap Shark Tank


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