IllumiBowl – Toilet Night Light

Turning on the bright bathroom light on trips to the toilet in the middle of the night can be a jarring wake up. Once your eyes adjust to the blinding light, you’re plunged back into darkness when you flip the switch off. This bathroom blindness can lead to stubbed toes and other minor disasters that leave you struggling to get back to sleep. The common solution for most people is to just leave the light off, and go for it in the darkness. Sadly, every guy has experienced some aiming malfunctions when doing so. Then there are the horror stories of women sitting down in the dark, only to discover the seat has been left up.

IllumiBowl has a solution – a night light for your toilet that will provide just enough light to see what you’re doing, while keeping your mind and body relaxed enough easily drift back to sleep when you’re done. IllumiBowl is motion activated, so you don’t need to search for any switches to flip in your groggy half-awake/half-asleep haze, and it won’t needlessly glow when no one is in the bathroom.

IllumiBowl has nine color settings to dress up your porcelain throne in dramatic, glowing soft light, and can even cycle through it’s range of colors for a bathroom light show. Your toilet never looked more stylish. It easily attaches to any bowl and is simple to install, just stick the battery operated unit on the outside of the toilet using it’s suction cup, and hang the LED light over the rim.

Before appearing on Shark Tank IllumiBowl had sold more than 50,000 units totaling over $1 million in gross sales, proving that this funny little problem of peeing in the dark is one that people want a solution for.

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