Ilumi – World’s Smartest Lightbulb

Ilumi is a series of intelligent and tunable LED lightbulbs that you can control wirelessly from your mobile device. Just screw in the Ilumi light bulb, download the free app, and you’ll have complete control over your lighting. Imagine waking up feeling refreshed and alert with a simulated sunrise that slowly eases you out of bed. You could set your lights to automatically turn off when you leave for work. When you return, the lights greet you by turning themselves on. Ilumi bulbs can produce a wide range of colors too, not just warm or cool light, and you can change the color and characteristics of the light anytime you want. Set a romantic mood. Have an impromptu dance party. All you need are the bulbs and the app and you can create any atmosphere you want. Ilumi are available in two sizes of bulbs that fit into any standard light fixture. They are bluetooth enabled and will last up to twenty years! Ilumi is the smartest lightbulb in the world!

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