Jax Sheets: Bed Sheets For Men

The idea for Jax Sheets came to its creator, Wenceslaus Muenyi, when he bought his first silk sheets set. Previously, he was sleeping on some $20 “high thread count” sheets he purchased on Amazon, but one day after learning quite a bit about materials, we decided to order a set of $400 silk sheets. These silk sheets were the most expensive set of sheets he had owned, and it was undoubtedly more expensive than his mattress, which he bought on Amazon in 2016 for $140.

Well, the moment he got naked and went to bed, he was instantly in love. The smoothness and luxurious feeling of silk were just too incredible. For months, he was always excited about getting to bed and started figuring out other ways to give more people this amazing sleep experience, and that’s when the idea for Jax Sheets came to him.

Jax Sheets Bed Sheets For Men Shark Tank Set

Using his vast knowledge of the material, he started creating different bed sheets that would give guys the silk experience for a lot less money. He also created a group with 1000 guys providing feedback on what would make the most comfortable sheets for them. So, after compiling all the feedback, material knowledge, and different product testing, a finalized version of Jax Sheets was born.


Shark Tank Air Date: 2/12/21 – Season 12 – Episode 13


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