Kawaii Lighting Ring Lights

Kawaii is a decades-long aesthetic that has spread throughout much of Japanese culture: fashion, beauty trends, merchandise, entertainment, personal appearance, even handwriting. It can be summed up as “cute.” Yes. Think Hello Kitty, Pokemon characters, little girl clothes on grown-up ladies. With Kawaii Lighting, Chloe Loop and Lan Bui, long-time life partners, now business partners, have made technology cute by incorporating stars, hearts and kitty cats into professional-caliber lights to be used by online photographers and videographers—that whole generation of content creators on TikTok, YouTube, Facebook Live, Instagram Live, Snapchat, Twitch and whatever might be in the works now! Kawaii Lighting is also popular with video bloggers, selfie lovers, and those who regularly attend meetings on Zoom.

Kawaii Lighting Ring Lights Shark Tank 2

Kawaii Lighting Products

The brightness of Kawaii Lights provides a beautiful, refined image without harsh shadows. The face looks flawless, wrinkles reduced to mere shadows. You can also light up your eyes with a dazzling star, heart, or kitty.

  • Cat Ring Light (6” and 20”)
  • Heart Ring Light (6” and 20”)
  • Star Shape Ring Light (20”)
  • Portable Ring Light (12”)
  • Rose Gold Beauty Disk (to convert harsh sunlight into a soft golden-rose glow).

Kawaii Lighting Features

  • Recharges in a few hours with the included micro-USB charging cable.
  • Battery life lasts three hours for perfect lighting whether on the go or in your personal studio (aka bedroom).
  • Stream for hours, or days, with the built-in USB charging port that is compatible with iPhone and Android phone charging cords.
  • Clip-ons are designed for use on devices such as mobile phones, laptops and tablets.
  • Brightness levels can be fine-tuned, from a dim, soft low setting to maximum brightness by using the included power adapter wall plug.
  • Professional color temperatures, warm, neutral, and cool, ranging from 3000K to 7500K, set easily by pushing a button.

Lighting Kits Include

  • Micro-USB charging cable
  • Micro-USB remote control cord with mobile power bank plug
  • Built-in universal power adapter with US plug
  • Universal smart phone holders
  • Light stand
  • User manual


Shark Tank Air Date: 05/06/2022 – Season 13 – Episode 22




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