Kwik-Hang Curtain Rod Brackets

One of the best things about moving into a new place is getting to decorate. Choosing new décor, accenting your space and filling every corner helps make your house a home. But one thing pretty much no one likes to do is hang curtains. Why? To start, the task requires simply too many tools. You’ll need a step stool, a drill, screws, nails, a hammer, a level, and an extra person to make sure the whole thing looks straight before you drill into your wall. Everything turns out great … until you both step back and look from a fresh angle. Then you realize, it’s not straight at all. Not even a little bit.

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Inventor Derrek Burr wanted to put that conundrum to rest. Decorating and redecorating should be fun, not a hassle. That’s why he created Kwik-Hang, the simplest curtain hanging device no one knew they needed. These easy-to-use brackets are designed to look and work great with no guesswork, and you can be completely finished setting them up in under 30 seconds. With Kwik-Hang, curtain installation is a one-man job with just about no way for that man to possibly screw it up.

Kwik-Hang Brackets are available in several colors including in black, white, brass and silver, and they can accommodate single or double curtain rods. If your curtains are more than 30 inches across than you will also need their Center Support Bracket. If you have the lock-seam style curtain rods then you’ll use their EZ Bracket.

All their products are as simple to use as a thumbtack and won’t leave nail or screw holes in your walls or woodwork. Simply place the brackets at the edge of your window frame, grab a hammer, and tap them into place. That’s it! No need to measure and guess the perfect angle or worry if they’ll end up crooked. No need to grab nails or screws. Kwik-Hang uses your window frame’s existing structure to line everything up perfectly.

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The perks of Kwik-Hang curtain rod brackets don’t end at easy installation, they’re also quite strong. These brackets can hold up to 20 pounds, so even heavy formal drapes can go up without worry. They’re as quick to remove as they are to install, and have already received glowing reviews from designers everywhere.

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