Melni Connectors – Quick Electrical Connectors

When there’s a fault with a cable, the contractor is in for a lengthy process. The fault has to be located, the cable has to be unearthed and the damage identified. The damage then has to be repaired which usually consists of cutting out the damaged section, then preparing the cable and splicing a patch.

A crimper is typically used, which takes time to set up. You then have to find the right size through trial and error and then the crimper is difficult to use in a tight space. There’s nothing particularly enjoyable about the process.

The Melni Connector is an innovative solution that completely replaces the need for the cumbersome crimper. It quickly and easily allows cable to be spliced without solder or specialized tools.

To use the Melni Connector, the two ends of cable to be joined are stripped. The stripped ends are inserted into each side of the connector. The connector is first ratcheted down to secure the connection then the sealing caps are hand tightened to create an environmental seal. The cable is now fully joined and can be buried or submersed as it could with a traditional connection. It couldn’t be simpler.

The Melni Connector isn’t just easy, it also takes a fraction of the time. In a test run by a local cable contractor, an insulated DB & submersible splice was completed using the traditional crimp method in 4 minutes, 53 seconds plus an additional 7 minutes, 45 seconds to set up the tools. From start to finish, it took 12 minutes and 38 seconds. The Melni Connecter took an amazing 43 seconds with no setup required. It was literally 17 times faster. The Melni Connector makes splicing cables quick and easy.



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