All-In-One Scooping Bowl

Take a look in your kitchen. There are bowls everywhere! You use one bowl to mix dry ingredients, another bowl to mix wet ingredients, and yet another bowl to serve. So many bowls, so many trips to the sink … who really has time? This was Tyler Peoples’ train of thought when he created All-In-One Scooping Bowl through his brand, Peoples Design. It is one bowl to rule them all. One bowl for every kitchen need, saving home chefs time and effort (not to mention water). Peoples is an award-winning Chef in Colorado Springs who wanted to create a product that could improve everyday life, starting in the kitchen.

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The Peoples Design All-In-One Scooping Bowl is a combination of many necessary kitchen tools, all in one place. Crafted in lightweight, durable plastic that’s BPA free, the bowl features simple double handles and a built-in contoured spatula. This simple addition makes it easy to scoop batters, dips and other messy ingredients from the inside—without an extra tool. Because it has a super-snug fit, you don’t have to wipe it clean after every use, either. Just scrape and move on to the next use.

You can also use the Scooping bowl as a colander, as the built-in pour spout allows water to pass through without fear of accidentally dumping fruits, veggies or soups into the sink. The same spout helps the All-In-One Bowl separate eggs with ease. The bowl holds a hearty 5 quarts, so it’s designed to be ideal for mixing, making and serving a variety of dishes. You can even use the silicon spatula as a divider, to hold two foods right in the same bowl.

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Peoples Design’s Scooping Bowl was designed by a professional chef, to benefit the at-home chef. Peoples’ own background in innovative art and restaurants have come together to bring this product to market. In Colorado Springs, Peoples worked as a Chef at Springs Rescue Mission, serving the homeless and others in need. He first got into cooking as a way to fund his love of art. In the process, he realized his true love of helping people. This is a large part of what has helped Peoples Design begin to thrive in the kitchenware market.

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At a time when cooking at home is totally praise-worthy, the All-In-One Scooping Bowl from Peoples Design has been crafted to be the perfect tool. With the heart of the business on innovating for the sake of others, Peoples is mixing up a perfect recipe for kitchen success.

UPDATE: The Scooping Bowl was briefly sold under the name Squeebie Multi-Purpose Mixing Bowl. This product is no longer available.

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