Pitt Moss – Peat Moss Alternative

Peat moss is often used by gardeners as a soil conditioner since it helps water and nutrient retention. Depending on the soil or the type of plant, it may even be a necessity for anything to grow. However, in many places around the world, these peatlands are in danger. More than 90% of peatlands in Europe and New Zealand have been lost or destroyed.

These peatlands are critical for the planet, playing a key role in the ecosystem. In addition, the destruction of these areas is releasing millions or even billions of tons of carbon into the atmosphere each year. While these areas comprise only 3% of the land surface on the Earth, they hold between 30% and 33% of all known soil carbons. They are incredibly effective at storing carbon, more so than any other habitat on Earth.A solution is needed to provide gardeners and commercial greenhouses with the soil conditioner they need while still protecting the environment.

PittMoss is an environmentally-friendly replacement for peat that performs better and is better for the environment. Created from recycled materials, PittMoss retains water up to 50% better than peat and wets easily and evening without the need for a chemical wetting agent.

PittMoss is also naturally in the perfect pH range. The materials and process used in the creation of PittMoss creates a pH rage between 5.6 and 6.2. Compare this to natural peat which is too acidic, requiring the addition of dolomitic lime to bring it into the proper pH range.

PittMoss provides the soil conditions you need without any harmful additives. It’s good for your garden and good for the Earth.




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