Rent a Goat – Eco-Friendly Lawn Care and Land Clearing

For eco-conscious individuals and businesses, there a many alternatives that allow you to reduce your carbon footprint. You can use alternative energy sources, drive hybrid vehicles and purchase an array of green products. There’s certain services, though, where a good alternative simply doesn’t exist. One of these areas is the chemicals and power equipment used in lawn care and land clearing.

Hybrid or alternative energy power equipment doesn’t exist. Green chemicals for lawn care are hard to find. It’s even worse if you have a large-scale job that requires tractors, bulldozers or other heavy equipment to clear the land. What if you could just get rid all of these chemicals and equipment entirely?

Rent a Goat allows you to do just that. Instead of gas-powered, tractors, lawn mowers and trimmers, Rent a Goat allows you to use goats to landscape your property in a green, eco-friendly way. Keep your lawn trimmed without power equipment and keep it weed-free and fertilized without using harsh chemicals.

Goats are great for clearing large areas of land as well. Whether it’s the occasional maintenance on unused land or it’s a full clear prior to development, Rent a Goat can handle the job. Rent a Goat can bring in anywhere from a few goats to thousands with the ability to clear hundreds of acres.

Goats love to eat the invasive plants that are difficult to remove otherwise. They love thistle, Blackberry, ivy, Poison Sumac and Oak, Kudzu, Wisteria, and more! Instead of wasting money and polluting the environment on harsh chemicals, use Rent a Goat.

On top of all of this, goats naturally fertilize the land as they work. Not only is unwanted vegetation easily cleared, you soil remains fertilized and nutrient-rich.

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