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Nothing can ruin a perfectly awesome day at the beach like scorching hot sand. Bruno Aschidamini and friends Steven Ford and Brandon Leibel, wanted to solve the issue of burning feet and uncomfortable oceanside naps. Their company, Sand Cloud Towels, is an innovative take on a problem that doubles as a charitable organization. Since 2014, the brand has been selling Turkish towels in beautiful patterns to beach bums across the country while benefiting marine wildlife in the process. It’s time to leave uncomfortable beach towels that only serve one purpose in the back of the closet! Replace your lousy beach towel with a Sand Cloud towel and get even more than you bargained for.

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Sand Cloud Towels began in 2014 with a Kickstarter and a dream. Three close friends who lived and worked near the ocean in sunny San Diego, California, wanted to make their beach experience more comfortable. After many prototypes, they found their solution—a Turkish cotton towel and built-in pillow that could be easily removed. Their initial Kickstarter launched with massive success, and they meet their $15,000 goal to launch.

Today, the brand has expanded their vision. Ditching the built-in headrest, Sand Cloud Towels focused on crafting high-quality, hand-loomed towels that were large enough for 2 and comfortable enough to lounge with (even off the beach). Beautiful patterns include traditional mandalas, stripes, tie-dye and so much more. These towels were made for their photo op, and if the impressive social media presence proves anything, it’s that they’re destined for the spotlight.

With the renovation to the original product, Sand Cloud Towels’ founders wanted to do more with the revenues they gained. For this brand, comfort is key, but conservation is most important. With every purchase you make, the company donates 10% of the profits to nonprofit organizations that preserve marine habitats, rehabilitate marine animals and help secure safe drinking water. The sales of each towel, water bottle, beanie, phone case and more contribute to fundraising efforts that benefit marine mammals and spaces.

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While you lounge on the beach, you can rest even happier knowing that the super-soft and durable Turkish towel you lay on has helped contribute to the beauty before you. Sand Cloud’s towels can be used for relaxing on the beach, the campgrounds, the football field, and even the yard. Use it as a blanket to keep you warm on chilly evenings. You can even wrap it around yourself for the ultimate adorable sarong. There are so many ways to take advantage of these stunning products. It’s never been easier to contribute to a cause you believe in while relaxing in style.

Bloggers, news outlets and more are excited for more from this brand. Sand Cloud joins forces with national organizations along with everyday influencers who serve as brand ambassadors in the real world. It’s easy to get involved and share your love for nature, animals and soft 100% cotton towels. Get involved, save the planet, and share the joy of the beach with these unique hand-crafted masterpieces.

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