Squirrel Boss Bird Feeder

You’ve probably never considered your backyard a battleground, unless you have bird feeders. You put the bird feeders out to attract beautiful birds to your backyard and give Mother Nature a little helping hand. You don’t want those little birds to go hungry, do you?

Everything is great until a squirrel shows up. Squirrels are crafty little buggers that find their way onto nearly any bird feeder. In one sitting they’ll eat all of the seed in your feeder, leaving nothing for the birds. If you refill the feeder, the squirrel comes right back. Instead of feeding the birds, your bird feeder is making your squirrels fat.

The Squirrel Boss squirrel proof bird feeder does exactly what its name implies. It keeps squirrels from gorging themselves on the feed that you placed there for your birds. Your feeder stays full and the birds you wanted in the first place will now flock to your yard.

The Squirrel Boss is the world’s first interactive bird feeder. Activated by a wireless remote, the feeder gives a gentle static shock to any squirrel touching it. It’s not unlike the static shock you experience after rubbing your socks on the carpet and touching a door knob. It’s completely harmless, but very effective as a deterrent. Just a few of these shocks is enough to teach the squirrel to go eat somewhere else.

The Squirrel Boss is built to withstand the elements and will last for years. Constructed from stainless steel, it won’t corrode or degrade over time. The feeder itself is powered by a rechargeable battery. One charge will last for a week. Simply charge overnight when needed and re-hang the next morning. It couldn’t be any easier to use.

The Squirrel Boss is the only interactive bird feeder that both entertains and keeps the pesky squirrels away.


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