The Square Keg Mini Keg

Beer on-tap has long been preferred over beer in cans and bottles. It’s crisper, fresher and richer. Now, other beverages served on-tap are increasing in popularity—beverages such as wine, cocktails and coffee. In addition to tasting better, beverages in kegs are easier to deliver, store and serve, and a keg is easier to recycle than piles of cans, bottles and cartons.

Maybe Tim Loucks had an ice cold draft beer on his mind when he went to sleep; maybe not. For some reason, he had an “Aha!” moment in the middle of the night—kegs for individual consumers. He had been wanting to start his own company after 10 years of dealing with the politics in the corporate world and the lack of opportunity to let loose his creative talents. He stayed up the rest of the night making notes on his vision for the kegs and paramount was that they be square. Round kegs wasted space and could not be stacked or tapped simultaneously. A square keg would serve more volume in less space and would fit neatly into a refrigerator or cooler.

Tim Louks

Tim had to start his company, SquareKeg, at square one. First, he assembled a talented team by sending out a ton of emails, making countless phone calls, and dropping in to businesses and schools. He found the people he needed for the prototyping, drafting/design, engineering, manufacturing, tooling, creative/branding design, website development, ad buying and management, business and patent legal issues, and whatever else came up. They went through dozens of ideas, designs and engineering processes before they had produced exactly what they had envisioned.

Square Keg Beer Keg Shark Tank 2

SquareOne Mini Keg

Many of us enjoy fresh beverages on tap and agree that pouring draft is lots more fun than popping a can or a bottle. Also, you can enjoy your own parties rather than be relegated to bartender, whether at home or while tailgating, camping, boating, or golfing

  • Unique, patent-pending, space-saving design
  • Material: Food/Beverage Grade 304 stainless steel (same as large kegs)
  • Chemically descaled surfaces to ensure life span and quality of beverages
  • Fits into a home fridge or cooler: 9.5″ H x 5″ W x 12″ L
  • Holds up to 128 ounces (1 gallon) or 8 pints, 3 bottles of wine, or 20 cocktails
  • Portable: 6 pounds
  • Doesn’t require a power source
  • Can be personalized with your laser-etched logo

Square Keg Beer Keg Shark Tank 3

SquareOne NITRO Edition

It’s the original model designed to serve the frothiest of nitro beverages, including nitro cold brew, nitro beer, and nitro craft cocktails. Imagine your favorite cocktail turned into a creamy, frothy delight! It’s just a tiny bit larger (1 inch) to accommodate the nitro faucet and tap handle.

A nitro beverage is a lovely sight to behold. The nitrogen gas creates small bubbles that give the drink a thick, creamy texture and a dense head. But it’s more than the artistic appearance. The bubbles create a rich, silky feel on the palate and produce a well-rounded flavor. No gulping down this drink! You must experience the sensual pleasure of savoring it.

How to Use the SquareOne Mini Keg + NITRO Edition

  • Fill with craft beer at a local brewery, make a batch of cocktails, or fill with cold brew at a local coffee house. Or with mocktails, soft drinks, iced tea, or kombucha. Whatever your choice of beverage is.
  • Set up in seconds using industry-standard mini keg tap hardware.
  • Add carbon dioxide (CO2) or nitrogen (N2) cartridge.
  • Pour a glass and kick back.

Cleaning Instructions

  • Clean the inside of the tank with hot water and a dab of dish soap. Rinse well.
  • Repeat with all tap components, excluding the CO2 or N2 regulator.
  • Gently wipe the regulator clean without submerging it in water.

Square Keg products are manufactured in Tim’s hometown, Spokane, Washington. He’s proud of creating manufacturing jobs and using local and regional suppliers.

Shark Tank Air Date: 11/11/2022 – Season 14 – Episode 6




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