Tree T-Pee Water Conservation for Farmers

Trees need a lot of water and proper temperatures to thrive. This is especially true of young trees that are much more sensitive to the elements. If it gets too hot, too cold or too dry, the young tree will die. Homeowners and farmers alike do what they can by wrapping trees in plastic to protect them from the cold and hold in more water when it’s hot. All of this extra care takes time and money.

The Tree T-Pee makes caring for these young trees cheaper and easier. It was originally designed to help farmers in the citrus industry where frost is detrimental to trees and causes millions of dollars in damage. Farmers that used the Tree T-Pee lost far fewer trees to the cold and reduced their water usage dramatically from 25,000 gallons per tree per year to 800 gallons per tree per year. On top of this, the trees grew faster and used less fertilizer

The special design of the Tree T-Pee retains heat from the ground, protecting trees. This enclosed space also keeps water where it needs to be. The shade that it provides slows water evaporation and prevents the sun from degrading the nutrients in the soil. All of this leads to reduced costs and healthier trees.

The citrus industry has published studies that were conducted on trees that were protected by a Tree T-Pee. They found that these trees grew 37% faster and needed only 6% of the water compared to an unprotected tree. The results also showed that 80% less fertilizer was needed to maintain proper nutrient levels. In short, the Tree T-Pee works.

The Tree T-Pee is water conservation and frost protection at its finest. No matter if you need to protect one tree in your backyard or an entire orchard, you need the Tree T-Pee.

Tree T-Pee in the Shark Tank

Tree T-Pee went into the Shark Tank seeking $150k for 20% equity. The sharks all agreed that the product is innovative and needed by farmers everywhere. The low retail price and small margins of the product made it difficult for the sharks to invest, but in the end, John Paul DeJoria took the deal exactly as it was proposed.

Shark Tank Air Date: 11/1/2013 – Season 5 – Episode 7





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