Vermont Butcher Blocks

UPDATE: Vermont Butcher Blocks is no longer in business.

Wooden utensils, bowls, platters and accessories are both durable and beautiful. The Vermont Butcher Block & Board Company produces some of the best looking and highest quality wooden kitchenware available.

The company’s mission statement says it all; they produce products of premium quality and durability that highlight the natural beauty of regular grained and figured wood. The products certainly fulfill this mission.

Made only from solid hardwoods like walnut, cherry and maple, their cutting boards, bowls and utensils are rich-looking and well-made. Each piece is made to highlight the natural grain of the wood. No two pieces are alike and stain or varnish is never used.

The real star of the Vermont Butcher Block & Board product line is their cutting boards. The company manufacturers both edge grain and end grain butcher blocks and cutting boards. Both types have 4 rubber feet on the bottom that are secured with stainless steel screws ensuring that your board won’t move or slip while in use.

Most cutting boards on the market are edge grain. This gives the traditional butcher block look and the construction creates a strong board that won’t warp. End grain boards have a unique look, resembling planks on a floor. By using the ends of the grain, the board is gentler on knives and much more resistant to marring. Available in sizes ranging from to 10” x 7” to 24” X 14” in both edge grain and end grain models, they have cutting boards perfect for any use.

The company’s other products are equally well made. This isn’t some big factory churning out products on an assembly line. Every bowl, knife block, lazy susan, salad server, and more is made by hand with care. Vermont Butcher Block & Board is a locally owned company in Vermont that simply makes the best hardwood kitchenware.

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