Zipit Bedding

Tired of making your bed?  Tired of making your kids make their bed?  You can end the hassle now with Zipit Bedding.  Built like a sleeping bag, you simply straighten and zip.  Now you’re child’s bed looks neat and tidy and you don’t have to nag.

Does your child toss and turn and throw his covers off at night?  Zipit Bedding is the perfect solution.  Zip him in and he’s snug as a bug in a rug.  No more cold nights with blankets on the floor. No more stumbling through a dark house to comfort a shivering child.

This unique product comes in a wide variety of cool colors and patterns.  Each sleep set is reversible, and some even glow in the dark! And get this – when washing day rolls around, you can strip the all-in-one bedding with a quick flip of the wrist and toss it in the washer. 

Great for all kinds of sleeping arrangements, Zipit fits bunk beds to Murphy and trundle beds, and bedding comes in twin, queen and king sizes. Included in every purchase is a matching pillowcase which also zips, so your days of struggling to stuff floppy pillows into narrow cases are over. Cool and classy, comfortable and convenient, Zipit Bedding makes everyone’s life easier.

The ZipIt bedding website is no longer available. Some inventory remains at Walmart.

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