Cuddletunes MP3 Playing Teddy Bear

In today’s fast paced world it’s not always possible to be with the ones we love.  Parents get deployed or have to travel for business. Grandparents live abroad, and even older brothers and sisters move away.  It can be hard for children to understand these separations, but now there’s a product that helps bridge the gap.  Cuddletunes bear is a soft, plush toy that comes complete with a personalized soundtrack. At the push of a button your child can hear music, stories and messages from all their favorite people.

Moms, even when you’re far away your child can fall sleep to the sound of you singing a lullaby.  Grandparents, what if the little people in your life could listen to you reading a story whenever they felt lonesome? These cuddly bears even come in handy when you’re right in the next room. Picture a sleepy child waking from a bad dream – they start to cry, then squeeze their bear and drift back to sleep with the sound of Dad’s comforting voice.

Each bear contains a hidden MP3 player, and has large buttons for easy operation.  You can give the bear with a blank, ready to load soundtrack, or you can pre record messages and music to make the gift more personal.  Whether you’re at home or half way around the world, the gift of a Cuddletunes bear will show that you care.

Did the Sharks bite into this product?

The creators of Cuddletunes went into the Shark Tank asking for $400k for a 20% share of the company. Cuddletunes did not get an investment from the Sharks for their product.

Shark Tank products cuddletunes

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