Float Baby – Water Therapy for Infants

For parents of infants suffering from colic or sleeplessness, a new type of therapy has emerged that’s gathering followers from all over the country. The Float Baby studio, located in Houston, TX is one of only 4 of its kind in the world. They offer 20-25 minute classes for infants as young as two weeks, and say that their “tiny friends” leave ready to eat and sleep. For some parents, it may be the first reliable feeding or nap their babies have experienced.

Float Baby was founded by Kristi Ison, a medical device industry specialist and mother of two. When she’d finally had enough of her three-year-old daughter’s twice-nightly wake-ups, she decided to dig into some research that, by some, may have been considered a little “off the wall”. She discovered the benefits of swim therapy and put them to use, eventually opening the Float Baby studio. Since its opening, the studio has boasted clients from all over the country—even Aruba—seeking a solution to issues like colic, irregular sleeping schedules, and more.

Float Baby claims that their therapy can have some amazing benefits for their “tiny friends” (babies of 2 weeks to 6 months in age). They include enhanced motor skills, better left brain – right brain coordination, and improved blood flow to the heart. Tiny friends who attend a short session are first weighed, then measured for a special float device and set in a tub of warm water. After the interactive session, parents can perform infant massages while enjoying complimentary refreshments.

The studio encourages weekly visits, and if the number of testimonials available on the site are any indication, Float Baby’s techniques are definitely making waves. The sessions not only help babies to relax, but help parents find peace of mind as well. By participating in their baby’s early development and gaining better sleep in the end, families get to enjoy great benefits from their sessions as well.


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