NeatCheeks – Flavored Face Wipes

Kids get grubby. It’s in their nature. Cleaning their hands and faces is a daily and sometimes an hourly ritual. As parents, we often use baby wipes. They’re convenient and effective; however, they’re not really designed for faces. They often have scents or cleansing agents that work well for baby’s bum, but are not so appealing on their hands and face.

NeatCheeks are flavored face wipes that you and your kids will love. NeatCheeks are all natural, sweetened with stevia and honeysuckle. They’re gentle on your child’s skin and don’t have any unpleasant tastes or odors.

Designed by two moms with three kids each, who discovered the idea by accident when one tried to clean her son’s face with a napkin that she didn’t know was soaked in lemonade. He, of course, loved it instead of fighting her like he usually did.

After years of hard work, a formula was developed that was natural, safe and effective. NeatCheeks easily clean your child’s skin without leaving behind and sticky or chemical residue, just a sweet taste and soft skin.

NeatCheeks are non-stick, safe and moisturizing for your child’s skin. The stevia used in the wipes is often seen in high-end cosmetic products due its moisturizing properties. They also contain aloe and glycerin, which is an excellent humectant (preserves moisture).



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