Paper Box Pilots – Cardboard Box Airplane Stickers

Are your kids stuck in a video game rut?  Banish the boredom by thinking outside – or should we say inside – the box.  Paper Box Pilot offers a great way for kids to be creative and innovative, while entertaining themselves for hours.  Our fun sticker packs help kids turn a simple cardboard box into the latest thing in transportation.  With a little imagination your child can become a fireman rushing to save the day, a turbo charged race car driver, or daredevil stunt pilot with the power to travel through time!

shark tank products paper box pilots stickers

The perfect idea for birthday or Christmas gifts, these interactive toys also work well for children’s parties.  Let each child craft their own vehicle, then turn them loose to have fun.  Picture a perfect party as a roomful of Nascar drivers have the time of their make-believe lives. 

Technology is great, but sometimes kids just need a break. Studies show that kids who use the right side of their brains improve their cognitive learning skills.  Banish the couch potato blues and improve your child’s I.Q. by providing this fun “no” tech alternative to the computer or television. 

Hours of fun for under $10.00?  It’s true.  When you order the Paper Box Pilot’s super sticker packs with DIY instructions, you’ll be amazed at the fun your kids and (maybe even their parents) will have.

*Paper Box Pilot is no longer in business.

Shark Tank Air Date: 10/10/2014 – Season 6 – Episode 4




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