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It’s said that the family who picks together sticks together. Those are words to live by for Summer and Billy Pierce, their three children and their parents. We’re talking about pimple picking—or popping if you prefer. But pick or pop, there just isn’t a constant supply of pimples, unless you start wandering the streets looking for acne-stricken strangers. Which could get you put away one place or another. Besides, when popping real pimples, there’s the likelihood of infection and/or permanently scarred skin. So Billy and Summer, chief pickers in their family, put their heads together and came up with the idea of making fake pimples to pop. Not exactly in their wheelhouse with Billy a manager at Samsung and Summer a nurse, but within a year, they had created Pop It Pal, the Pimple Popping Toy—fake skin with pore-like holes that spew a pus-like substance when squeezed.

The skin is a 4-inch by 3-inch “brick” of silicone that comes in two flesh tones, peach and brown. The silicone is perforated with 16 small holes filled with a yellow pus made from Olea Europaea and Cera Alba (lovely botanical names for your ordinary olive oil and beeswax) that will ooze out of the hole in a long string or explode out. (Surprisingly, the pus has a really nice scent and feels silky smooth like hand cream.) Since the pus is refillable, you can hone your popping skills until you get the result that gives you the most satisfaction.

The skin and pus look and feel like the real thing—and it must! Otherwise, it wouldn’t satisfy the need to pop a huge pimple for the people who miss the whiteheads and blackheads that just about ruined their high school lives. Too bad we don’t have Freud to weigh in on this.

Pop It Pal has taken off, not only here in the U.S. but around the world. Who knew there were so many pimple poppers! Pop It Pal has taken popping in private to popping in public—no different from popping bubble wrap or that infernal non-stop clicking of a retractable pen. At least, the adherents say it’s no different. It’s being successfully marketed as a way to alleviate worry and calm the mind.

Pimple Popping Toy Shark Tank Pop It Pal 2

Pop It Pal comes with the skin already filled with pus so you can start popping as soon as you open the package. Included is a bottle of pus and a “pipette” (think teensy tiny turkey baster) to refill the holes as needed. Since the skin just about lasts forever, you can keep stocked with pus by ordering additional bottles on the Pop It Pal website.

Summer and Billy like being able to use their business to give back. Their daughter started “Kids Against Bullying” when she was only 10 years old to spread awareness of the magnitude of bullying and the damage it does. By the time she was 16, she had expanded her organization to include charities that support kindness and compassion in general. A portion of every sale of Pop It Pal goes to those charities.

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Shark Tank Air Date: 12/9/18 – Season 10 – Episode 8


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