SoaPen Hand Washing Soap for Kids

SoaPen is a colorful soap-filled pen that makes it fun for young children to wash their hands. They can draw all over their hands and, as they remove their “artwork” with water, they are washing their hands for the CDC-recommended 20-40 seconds.

  • SoaPen is ideal for sensitive skin and is non-toxic and free from SLS, parabens, EDTA, phthalates and any animal by-product.
  • It lasts for 100 washes. The direct rollerball applicator makes sure your kids don’t waste soap as happens with the typical hand pumps.
  • Each pack of 3 includes a Green, Blue, and Orange SoaPen in 3 delicious fruit scents: Fresh Pear, Berry Blast and Tangy Tangerine.
  • The colors will not stain clothes or walls.
  • The SoaPen fits into your bag, backpack, or purse for use away from home.

Soapen Hand Washing Soap For Kids Shark Tank 2

Team SoaPen

SoaPen co-founders Amanat Anand and Shubham Issar are both originally from New Delhi and met at the Parsons School of Design in New York City, while each pursued a BFA in Industrial and Product Design.

After they graduated, Amanat was working for ASH NYC and Uhuru Design as a furniture and CAD designer. Shubham was a designer and project manager at Stand and Build. They joined forces to enter the UNICEF Wearables for Good Challenge that encouraged design and technology ideas that work for the betterment of society. After learning that more than 50% of infectious diseases that are fatal to children under 5 can be avoided simply by washing their hands with soap, they wanted a way for hand washing to be fun. They entered their design for the SoaPen, won, and used the prize money to start the research and development needed to bring a brilliant idea to reality.

Soapen Hand Washing Soap For Kids Shark Tank Founders

They reached out to industry experts in chemical engineering, manufacturing and ecommerce.
They tested their first prototypes at the Reece School, a non-profit special education elementary school in New York City. The SoaPen was very effective in teaching the children how to wash their hands properly. Amanat and Shubham continue to work with the school for various events.

Their mission is to make hand washing with soap fun and accessible for kids all over the world. They donate one SoaPen to a school in a low-income community in India for every three pens they sell in the US.

SoaPen Hand Sanitizer Gel

Regular hand sanitizer can be harsh for a child’s skin. The SoaPen gel was formulated following FDA and WHO regulations with 70% alcohol content combined with vitamin E and lavender and eucalyptus essential oils, which soothe and leave a subtle scent behind. The gel is 99.9% effective against most common germs while leaving hands soft and hydrated. The nozzle has a fine tip so that the gel isn’t wasted, as often happens with a pump dispenser.

Soapen Hand Washing Soap For Kids Shark Tank 3

Accolades for SoaPen, Amanat and Shubham

  • Amanat and Shubham were on the “30 Under 30” in Healthcare and Science list in Forbes magazine.
  • Shubham represented SoaPen at the Global Health Innovation Conference at Yale University and the Global Entrepreneur Summit at Stanford University.
  • Amanat received the Toyota Mother of Invention award, which came with a grant of $50,000.
  • The two co-founders were accepted into the Pursuit Incubator, a mentoring program for entrepreneurs who have products and businesses that will impact impoverished regions.
  • They also worked with the Halcyon Incubator that empowers visionaries to bring their ideas to measurable social outcomes.
  • SoaPen was a runner-up for the James Dyson Award, an international award to celebrate the next generation of design engineers.
  • SoaPen was featured in a variety of magazines, including Real Simple, Money Magazine and Now This.

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