Soapsox – Bath Sponge for Kids

Bath time can be a challenge. How can you get your kids to bathe without the screaming and crying? The solution is Soapsox, an adorable line of plush toys that kids can take from play time to bath time. Soapsox are your child’s stuffed animal friend outside of the dreaded bathtub, but can be taken along when the time comes and used as a bath sponge.

This machine washable toy andbath aid has an inner stuffing made of an antimicrobial sponge and a rugged casing made of terry cloth. Just put liquid or bar soap in the specially designed pockets, add water, work into a lather and use like a washcloth.

shark tank products soapsox

These popular products are available in many characters like Tank the shark, Hunter the crocodile, Emma the duck, Scorch the dragon, and more. Soapsox won the JPMA award for innovation in 2014 and are an easy solution for parents and a comforting friend for nervous bathers.

Shark Tank Air Date: 10/3/2014 – Season 6 – Episode 3




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