Stress Free Kids

Lori Lite’s son was hyperactive, and every night, she spent a long time calming him down so that he could sleep. After so long, she needed stress management classes, which were very helpful for her and even more helpful for her son. Lori made up bedtime stories that incorporated breathing techniques and progressive muscle relaxation, and her son went to sleep more easily. Lori’s husband suggested that she write the stories down, because surely there were other parents having the same problem. And that was the start of Stress Free Kids.

Stress Free Kids Shark Tank 9

Lori first books were sold through a publisher. The percentage of sales she received was small, and publishers only promote the works of known authors. She was selling more books by herself on Amazon and in Borders and Barnes & Noble. She sold 30,000 copies of her most popular book, Angry Octopus, grossing $180,000 and netting $50,000. Lori was working on a whole line of books and CDs that would help children manage stress. The problem was that the business required a considerable amount of upfront money. She and her husband had already sold their home and were sharing one car. They were out of financial resources.

Lori accepted an investment from Barbara of $250,000 for 50% of the company. Later, they worked out a different, confidential financial arrangement.

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Lori’s books, CDs and curricula, available in Spanish, Apps and eBooks, are important resources for parents around the world, psychologists, doctors and teachers. Angry Octopus received the Counselor’s Choice Award presented by an organization of Licensed Mental Health Therapists. She has written articles for hundreds of publications and is a real-time resource on Facebook and Twitter.

Shark Tank Air Date: 8/23/2009 – Season 1 – Episode 3



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