Toymail Plush Toy and Message App For Kids

Toymail is the modern-day walkie-talkie you’ve always dreamed of. Putting a smartphone in your child’s hands is often the last thing a parent wants to do, but in our techy modern world, sometimes it’s the only option. With moms and dads spending so much time away from home, and kids having so much exposure to the internet with games, apps and more, the phone has become an integral component of keeping in touch with kids.

Still, having so much access can be a little scary for little ones. That’s where Toymail steps in. This fun stuffed animal-meets-walkie-talkie is the perfect bridge between kid stuff and grown up stuff. It’s an easy, fun way to stay connected to kids, and one they’ll actually keep up with.

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Gauri Nanda and Co-Creator Audry Hill started Toymail in 2012, with one idea in mind: a children’s toy that could evolve and remain relevant over time. The MIT grad and her co-founder built the first Toymails with that in mind, understanding that user-generated content was the key to a lasting toy for kids of all ages.

Toymail is an adorable stuffed animal-like walkie-talkie that connects to any smartphone via the Toymail app. With Toymail, parents, siblings, relatives, and even other kids can easily record and send messages anytime. That means mom can ask little ones what they want for dinner as she drives home, without a grown-up dialing a phone number. Dad can send a silly message from work, and grandma can sing a lullaby from across the globe. Toymail goes wherever little ones go.

Toymail is a simple, smart way to connect kids with the adults they love, and with the friends they love to spend time with. Adults can simply download the Toymail app, request to connect to the toy of choice, and record a message. Kids can listen to the message with a press of Toymail’s mouth, then select one of their own contacts and record a quick message in return. It’s that easy.

Nana and Hill knew they didn’t want to create just another app that would have kids sitting down, staring at screens all day. They understood that parents were concerned about the effects of cell phones and the internet on children’s minds. They also understood that kids just want to have fun. Toymail comes in three unique designs—a shark, bat and dinosaur – in 3 sizes ranging from Weensie to Talkie, perfect for kids’ needs.

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Kids can charge up and start talking right now, and when updates are available, they have first access to Toymail’s latest. The Talkies feature three distinct modes that make talking back and forth more fun. Voicie allows parents and kids to record messages and send them in funny voices. Remindie helps keep kids on track for chores and other reminders throughout the day. Finally, Hatchie provides special incentives for kids to stay in touch over the course of the day.

Toymail is not like your traditional walkie-talkie. It’s cloud-based, making it super-fast, super-accurate, and just plain super-awesome. So much better than a smartphone, Toymail doesn’t keep kids distracted from interacting with other people. It makes interacting across distances a pleasurable and meaningful experience for everyone involved.

*Update: Toymail is no longer available.

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