Treasure Chest Pets: Toys with Hidden Compartments

Treasure Chest Pets was a line of plush stuffed animal toys, created by Lisa Lloyd, with hidden compartments for storing children’s personal belongings and treasures. Lisa was able to secure an investment from Daymond John and Barbara Corcoran, and saw some early success selling through Buy Buy Baby, however Lisa closed down Treasure Chest Pets in 2012 citing business missteps and a flood of competition from knock offs. Despite closing the business , Lisa says the experience was a positive one. She continues to work with Daymond, creating new product and helping other entrepreneurs launch their businesses.

Treasure Chest Pets Shark Tank 2

Treasure Chest Pets Shark Tank 3

Treasure Chest Pets Shark Tank 4

“I invested in Treasure Chest Pets for two reasons. One, the product was adorable. But also, Lisa. She already had a history with consumer products, and I figured, great entrepreneur, great product: home run. Lisa’s had her good times, she’s had her bad times, but you know what, she knows that failure is the fuel to her success. It’s in Lisa’s blood, she’s an inventor, she’s an entrepreneur, she will not stop, and that’s why I’ve decided to partner up with Lisa and bring her into my company to teach my new Shark Tank guys and girls how to operate the businesses. She’s one of those key components that I needed in Season One to help me with my investments and I love working with Lisa.”
-Daymond John

“I don’t see failure as a terrible thing anymore. It teaches me more than all the success I ever had. I don’t think I could’ve ever dreamed that life could turn out this good.”
-Lisa Lloyd

Shark Tank Air Date: 10/6/09 – Season 1 – Episode 8



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