Getaway – Rent a Tiny House in the Woods

Tiny houses are becoming a big business. There are TV shows based on their construction, and a growing fascination with leaving big city life in exchange for the simplicity of living in roughly 200 square feet. With Getaway, Pete Davis and Jon Staff took this concept to the next level.

Getaway is a book-ahead resort service featuring tiny houses, the woods, and little to no cell phone service. The service is designed to encourage overworked, overstressed patrons to spend a few days away from reality in order to get back in touch with themselves. When you book with Getaway, you’ll get everything you need for a night or two in a small space. Two to four guests and a pet receive comfy queen size beds, fresh linens, bath towels, biodegradable shower products, kitchen essentials and marshmallow sticks. Basic stay essentials like an electric toilet, sinks, stove and shower are also available.


Getaway has all the provisions you could need for your escape from reality, including dry goods like coffee, popcorn and trail mix. You’ll even find campfire grounds and charcoal for outdoor grilling. In order to fully take advantage of the experience, you’ll also have access to a cellphone lockbox, where you can store your tech devices for the course of your stay.

With Getaway, you get more than just a cute tiny house and some cooking gear. You get a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Most of us work challenging jobs, have families, and otherwise have responsibilities and lifestyles that make it difficult to drop everything and move to the woods. But with Getaway, you can do just that! Book your stay and wait. You won’t know exactly where you’ll be staying until a week before your arrival date, which adds to the fun and mystery of the experience.

Right now, Getaway only offers tiny houses in Boston and New York, but are accepting nominations for cities around the country. All Getaway houses are a guaranteed 2-hour drive from a big city, so spontaneous middle-of-your-stay shopping trips or nights out are possible. But if you decide to stay in, you’re guaranteed to have even more fun.

Without the distractions of Wi-Fi, social media and texting, how would you and your favorite people interact? What might you notice about your world, and each other? What might you notice about yourself? Getaway wants to help you answer these questions and more. With its convenient setup and no-frills stay experience, you’ll have the opportunity to make real memories with your loved ones.


Getaway founders Pete Davis and Jon Staff joined forces with Harvard Graduate School of Design students to design, engineer and build the tiny houses, each for just around $10K. The tiny houses are then placed on rural land owned by locals, creating an Airbnb-type experience for renters on their Getaway excursion. This ensures that money spent goes back into the hands of the locals who own and use the land on which the houses are placed. Win-win.

Davis and Staff aren’t just interested in bringing tiny houses themselves to the general marketplace. They want to get people excited about being in nature and acting as human beings, rather than just human doings.

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