Hammocks by Sierra Madre Research

A love of the outdoors and a passion to help people are the two most basic sentiments powering Sierra Madre Research, an innovative hammock company based in Vicksburg, Mississippi. These one-of-a-kind hammocks are more than just an easy way to take a nap among the trees, they’re designed to keep occupants safe and comfortable while enjoying the outdoors. The three basic hammock styles (high-performance Pares, Solo for individuals and xPlor for more room) are easily matched with SMR’s accessories for an ideal camping experience.

Sierra Madre Research’s hammocks can be combined with one of two hammock shelters to provide extra room for camping gear and a layer of protection against the elements. The Nubé and Stratos shelters are designed to be ultra-ergonomic for lightweight carrying without sacrificing protection from bugs, heavy rain, and blinding sun. Insulation is also available to provide protection in extremely cold conditions (as low as 0-degrees Fahrenheit).

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Founder Richard Rhett began his journey into hammock development in 2009, after taking a mission trip to Honduras. He was shocked to find so many people without clean drinking water—entire families devastated by their lack of access to a basic need we all take for granted. He wanted to find a way to help. At the same time, he wanted to find a way to make his simple missionary lifestyle—which included nights sleeping in uncomfortable and unsafe hammocks—more efficient and enjoyable.

Sierra Madre Research is the ideal union of these two goals for Richard and Julianna Rhett.
Their unique hammocks provide a comfortable camping experience protected from wind, rain, and sun, and their proceeds enable SMR to save lives from exposure to water-borne illnesses.

SMR’s (One) for Water campaign ensures that for every product sold, one year of clean water is provided to one person in Central America—the place that started it all. Whether a basic hammock, hammock shelter, insulation, or combo package is purchased, one year of clean water is provided to those in need. According to their website, clean water wells have successfully been drilled in Haiti, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua. In total, that averages out to about 21,500 “Water Credits”, enabled by purchasers of Sierra Madre Research products.

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During its evolution from a single sewing machine to a fully-operating manufacturing company, SRM has conducted Kickstarter campaigns for each new model, including the hammock shelter add-ons and Inferno, and the lightweight insulation packs. Each of these campaigns has performed well, exceeding their fundraising goal each time.

Today, Sierra Madre Research also hosts “Adventures”, where campers can trek and explore the outdoors—all while putting SMR equipment to the test. Adventures take place in several different outdoor regions, each led by an SMR guide.

Richard and Julianne Rhett’s original goal of spreading love and good health around the world continues to grow with their company. They have made it easy to create a comfortable camping experience, and to track them on their mission for cleaner water in Central America.


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