Oru Kayak – Fold Up Boat

For those that love the to be on the water, kayaking is perfect. A kayak is one of the most economical kinds of watercraft and it’s incredibly versatile. You can relax on the lake, sail along the coast, reach secluded fishing holes, paddle down a river, and get an adrenaline rush on white water all using the same boat.

The only real challenge with a kayak is their size. This is especially true if you live in an apartment, condo, or home with limited storage. How do you store a boat that’s 12 feet or longer? Likewise, transportation can be tricky if you have a small vehicle and you don’t have someone to help.

The creator behind the Oru Kayak had the same problem when he moved into a small apartment in San Francisco requiring him to put his kayak into storage. Inspired by the Japanese art of origami, a kayak was developed that’s high performance, but folds down into a compact form thats less than 30 inches on each side. It’s also about half the weight of a traditional kayak, making transportation super easy. How many kayaks can you take on the bus or fit in the backseat of a cab?

The Oru Kayak assembles in less than 5 minutes. It’s constructed from a single sheet of durable double layered plastic. This means that there’s only one seam, which is positioned on top and is sealed with a watertight rubber gasket. The kayak is stable enough for a beginner, yet short and contoured giving it the maneuverability and speed that more advanced paddlers desire.

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