RinseKit Portable Shower & Sprayer

As an avid surfer, Chris Crawford frequently struggled to keep salt water and sand out of his car, and not show up for work smelling like the beach. With no easy way to clean up, what was he supposed to do? Invent a solution. What started as a prototype in his garage has become a popular product among beach bums, people who work outside, and those who just love getting dirty. RinseKit is a portable shower system that pressurizes and stores 2 gallons of water so you can quickly rinse off and leave the dirt, mud and sand of the outdoors where it belongs.

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The RinseKit portable shower weighs just 9 pounds when empty, making it easy to carry before filling, and comes in around 25 pounds when full. At full capacity it provides 4 minutes of continuous pressurized spray. The tank will stay pressurized for up to a month, so you don’t need to fill it every time you want to use it. It can stay parked by your door or kept in your trunk, and you’ll always be ready for a quick rinse.

RinseKit is a super-simple and efficient way to blast away dirt, grime and other gunk from the day. Leave it on the porch to quickly hose down pets who have been out after a hard rain. Leave one in your truck bed to easily rinse off the kid’s shoes after a long day at the park. You can even bring it with you on your next picnic, family hike, or football game. It’s great for leaving the mess behind when you head back home.


RinseKit requires nothing more than water to work. There are no batteries or required add-ons. Chris Crawford was focused on user experience when he designed RinseKit, and his company continues to build upon that vision. Filling it is as easy as attaching the included adaptor to your faucet or spout, and clicking the RinseKit hose into place. And emptying it is even easier. Just remove the spout and dump out the excess. No more bulky plastic water jugs or tangled water hoses.

This portable shower fills in just 30 seconds, and can be used in so many incredible ways. RinseKit can even provide heated water when paired with the new heater accessory. No more frigid outdoor baths for Fido! Whether you’re looking for a little spray-off or something that works a little harder, the RinseKit portable shower is your answer.

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RinseKit has received an incredible amount of love from families, outdoor enthusiasts and pet lovers since its inception. The initial Kickstarter campaign raised almost $400,000 to bring the prototype to life, and these portable showers have been selling quickly ever since. It has been featured on FOX, Today and CBS, among other news outlets. It was named Gear of the Year in 2015 by National Geographic Adventure. The RinseKit is making some serious waves in the business world, and will surely continue to do so as the company grows.


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