The Uro Club

Dr. Floyd Seskin was a urologist in Florida. Many of his patients were men, and many of those men were golfers. He often heard about a particular predicament on the golf course: There was no place to pee. One man solved the problem by slicing his ball into the woods when he needed to, but there were not always woods on the courses. They wanted a solution, and Floyd invented the Uro Club, a portable urinal of sorts. The Uro Club looks like a 7 iron with a wider grip that serves as a reservoir. A pipefitter worked with Floyd on the design of the triple-sealed, screw-on cap to ensure against leakage. Included with the club is a Privacy Shield (i.e., a towel). Clip the towel to the front of the club and to your waist band for your own privacy, for your companions’ comfort, and to avoid charges of indecent exposure.

The Uro Club Shark Tank 2

Floyd had invested $300,000 for a trademark, production and an infomercial. The patent was pending. After the infomercial aired on local channels, he had sales of $70,000. He was offering 51% of his business for $25,000. He is not a business person; he’s a surgeon. More than the investment, he needed the connections and distribution and manufacturing knowledge that a shark could provide.

Floyd thinks he has a great novelty item. The Uro Club is humorous, practical and affordable at $25. Kevin Harrington agrees with him. As a golfer, Kevin cannot imagine buying the club for himself, but it surely will be a popular gag gift. He wanted 70% of the business. Floyd was fine with that. Floyd’s invention and Kevin’s investment were a win-win. The Uro Club is still going strong, on its website and on Amazon.

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Shark Tank Air Date: 10/20/2009 – Season 1 – Episode 10




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