THEMAGIC5 Custom Swim Goggles

THEMAGIC5 has reinvented swimming goggles. And it was about time! The first swim goggles were motorcycle goggles repurposed. Back in 1926, when Gertrude Ederle made her historic swim across the English Channel, she wore motorcycle goggles sealed with paraffin wax to keep the salt water out of her eyes. Little had been done since then. Goggles designated purposely for swimming were marketed, one size fit all. Then the material changed. A tweak here and there is all. All these years, swimming goggles have continued to leak, fog up, pinch, cause headaches and leave raccoon eyes—all the while needing to be adjusted repeatedly. Until THEMAGIC5!

THEMAGIC5 brings us their innovative and technically advanced goggles with anti-fog materials, UV-protected lenses and a novel shape that allows for superior peripheral vision—and are custom made to each person’s unique facial structure. All in the comfort and convenience of your own home.

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Choose Your Style(s) of THEMAGIC5 Goggles

From THEMAGIC5 website, choose from among their selection:

  • Blue Magic lets in the maximum amount of light and provides superb clarity of vision for swimming indoor or outdoor—especially in low-light or overcast conditions.
  • Blue Magic Mirror Gold and Blue Magic Mirror Silver are preferred among pro athletes due to the slightly blue tint and and mirror coating. These goggles provide a clear wide view through the gold/silver mirror and are for all conditions.
  • Clear Magic are best used in darker waters such as when swimming in lakes and oceans. They are also used by those hardy swimmers who get to the pool early in the morning.
  • Smoke Magic work in both indoor and outdoor swimming in general and on sunny days in particular. The smoke tint protects your eyes from the sun while providing a clear view.
  • Black Magic Mirror Silver are the darkest goggles. They are made for outdoor swimming and will be your best friend on sunny days.

Scan Your Face with THEMAGIC5 App

As soon as you order your goggles, you will receive an email directing you to the app which uses your smart phone and the Optimal Fit Scanning Technology to measure:

  • Facial contours
  • Eye sockets
  • Eye lengths
  • Eye sizes
  • Nose width

Themagic5 Swim Goggles Shark Tank App

THEMAGIC5 Goggles Are Delivered Right to Your Home

The production team takes that scan and enters the data into an algorithm that sets up the shape of your custom-fitted goggles. The nose bridge and lens cups fit your face perfectly for a comfortable, leak-proof seal.


Bo Haaber (CEO) and Rasmus Barfred (Marketing Director) are triathletes. Niklas Hedegaard (COO) is a professional swimmer. The three Danish entrepreneurs were complaining about their swimming goggles one day and decided to do something about it.

They did their research and added advanced mathematics, tons of coding, lots of data and feedback from their “guinea pig” swimming buddies. Then they developed the scanning, fitting and production technology. A Kickstarter campaign gave them the funds to move from Denmark to Charlotte, North Carolina, where they built a factory. They ship their goggles to more than 100 countries around the world and every state in the US. They are also working with Olympic athletes in both swimming and triathlon.

FINA (Fédération Internationale de Natation) has approved THEMAGIC5 goggles for use in the Olympics, World Championships and all other major international competitions, a testament to the quality of the goggles and their benefit to swimmers.

THEMAGIC5 to the Rescue During COVID

The three founders saw a need and a way they could help. They first sent out 50 goggles to the frontline health care workers to get their feedback. They were, of course, thrilled. The goggles were a welcome alternative to the typical safety goggles: more comfortable, no fogging, and a better seal to keep out any particulate matter. Who knew that swimming goggles could protect the eyes from a virus!

They ramped up production and used all appropriate stock to supply healthcare workers. They found funding to cover their basic costs through their networks, the media, and GoFundMe. They have sent hundreds of their goggles to nurses, doctors, paramedics and hospitals.

Shark Tank Air Date: 10/29/21 – Season 13 – Episode 4




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