Titin – Weighted Compression Gear

When you’re trying to build muscle, what do you do? You add more weight to your workouts. That’s easy to do when you’re in the gym; however, it’s much more challenging when you’re outdoors doing endurance training.

Sure, you could strap some dumbbells to your back and go for a run, but that’s not a great solution. There are weighted vests on the market, but they’re bulky and not designed for extended activity. While great for adding weight on dips and pull-ups, traditional weight vests aren’t too far from hanging a 45 pound Olympic plate around your neck.

These weighted vests put all of the stress on your shoulders. Imagine carrying 50 pounds in a backpack. These vests hurt your posture and limit mobility and since all of the weight is hanging from your shoulders, a weight vest doesn’t provide any benefit to your arms.


Titin Weighted Compression Gear fills that gap for endurance athletes that want to incorporate resistance training, but can’t stand wearing bulky weight vests. Where traditional weight vests are hot and shift when you move, Titin’s Weighted Compression Gear conforms to your body just as regular compression gear does.

The secret lies in Titan’s gel inserts. These flexible gel packs evenly distribute the added weight across your full upper body. Not only that, the gel inserts within the gear can be heated or cooled before your workout and retain their temperature for up to 45 minutes.

The ability to incorporate weighted gear in your endurance workouts and warm-ups leads to impressive results. Athletes that used the Titan system during their warm-ups showed a 25% higher lactate threshold, 13% increased in their vertical leap, 11% increase in endurance, 7% increase in caloric burn, and a 3% increase in running speed.

Update: Titin has been discontinued.

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