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For those who are always looking for a new way to experience the slopes during the winter months, Tngnt Ski Bikes might be just the thing they need. Pronounced “tangent,” these bikes are essentially sledges that can be steered and come with runners. They are designed to offer a thrilling alternative to skiing and snowboarding, and they are gaining in popularity among winter sports enthusiasts.

The Tngnt Ski Bike operates on the same principles as skiing and snowboarding, allowing riders to carve their way down the mountain with remarkable control. The handlebars allow for easy turning, making them easier to control than traditional snow sports. The Tngnt ski retention system is also designed to allow for quick stops when needed.

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To ride the Tngnt Ski Bike, riders need to keep their weight towards the front of the bike, allowing the front edge to cut through the snow and initiate a turn. Having a shock in the rear adds to the mountain bike feel of the bike. With its modern design, the Tngnt Ski Bike fuses the frame of a bicycle with two skis. Riders steer through the trees and down the trail much like steering a bike, combining a smooth glide down with additional steering support.

The Tngnt Ski Bikes are crafted with technology that adapts to snowy conditions, making them stable in all conditions. This includes aerodynamic frames, front suspension, and flexible front and back skis. The flexible back ski allows the entire frame to tilt backward, lifting the front ski off the ground, making it possible to pop a wheelie on the slopes.

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There are three Tngnt Ski Bike models: Carve 2.0, Carve 2.0 Pro, and Drift. The Carve Ski Bike is designed to be stable in all conditions using Tngnt’s patent-pending ski retention system (SRS). SRS emulates the motion, strength, and flexibility of the rider’s legs to create a safe, responsive ride.

Assembly of the Tngnt Ski Bike is simple, as it comes 90% assembled in the box. Riders can easily assemble the fork and handlebars onto the frame, put on the saddle, thread in the pedals, and attach the skis without requiring any special tools.

While ski bikes may seem like a new trend, they have been around for quite some time. In the 1850s, they appeared in the European Alps as a means of practical winter transportation. They were large and had a heavy wooden framework. However, they grew in popularity during the 50s, 60s, and 70s, with over 70 manufacturers in Europe at one point. Organized competition began during this time, with the first race held in Austria in 1954, and the first World Championship in 1967.

Americans brought ski bikes over from Europe in the late 60s, and a World Championship event was held in Nevada in 1971. Despite fluctuating popularity, ski biking has always had a dedicated following. The late 1990s began the contemporary renaissance of ski biking in North and South America, driven by a new progressive spirit and a desire for new experiences, as evidenced by the interest in alternative X-treme sports.

Charles W. "bill" Pierce, Scott Carr

The founders of Tngnt Ski Bikes, Charles W. “Bill” Pierce and Scott Carr, were high school buddies who shared a passion for mountain biking. They hated not being able to ride their bikes during the winter months, and after dabbling in other ski bike startups, Scott approached Bill about designing their own ski bike. They aimed to create a bike that felt the same as riding their bikes at the parks in the summer.

They launched their first model, the Tngnt Carve Ski Bike, in 2019. The Carve Ski Bike was designed to offer a smooth ride with remarkable control and stability, and it quickly gained popularity among ski bike enthusiasts and casual riders alike.

The Tngnt founders’ passion for biking and their commitment to innovation and quality have been instrumental in the success of their brand. They continue to improve their ski bike designs and work with ski resorts to promote the sport and offer rental options.

Tngnt Ski Bikes has also partnered with the Adaptive Sports Foundation, a nonprofit organization that provides sports and recreational opportunities for individuals with disabilities. They have designed a special ski bike for adaptive athletes, which allows them to experience the thrill of skiing in a safe and comfortable way.

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Tngnt Ski Bikes is a brand that has brought a new level of excitement and innovation to the world of ski biking. Their modern design, patent-pending ski retention system, and emphasis on control and stability make their ski bikes stand out from the crowd. Whether you’re an experienced ski biker or a beginner, Tngnt Ski Bikes offers a fun and exhilarating way to enjoy the slopes.

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