Under The Weather Pop-up Tents

As a Sports Dad, Rick Pescovitz knew all about the perils of sitting on the sidelines at every game—no matter the season. That’s why he built Under the Weather pop-up pods. Parents want to spend time with their kids, to support their hard work on and off the field, but they want to stay comfortable and safe in any weather condition. After a particularly horrific wintertime 8 AM soccer game, where freezing rain and high winds had parents and other family members engulfed in thick blankets in an effort just to stay warm, he decided he’d had enough. It took 2 years and many attempts, but Under the Weather pop-up sports pods are now big business.

Under the Weather sought to answer a real-life problem: how can happy outdoor people stay protected from the elements on the sidelines? Pescovitz knew that the current options were less-than-great. Wrap yourself up and hope for the best! With Under the Weather, he created an insulating space that keeps warmth in on freezing days, and keeps harmful UV rays out on sunny days. The pods are constructed in durable steel, weather-resistant polyester, and color-treated clear PVC. The outdoor event stays clearly in view so you don’t miss a thing, and you stay perfectly cozy inside with your soccer seat and necessary supplies.

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Since its release, Under the Weather pods have already expanded in a major way. The Original pods come in 14 colors, and updated versions make using them for a variety of outdoor purposes easy. Each Under the Weather pop-up pod is easy to pop up and fold down, so it’s easy to carry. UPF 50 sun protection keeps you safe in the sun, and when it’s cold, you’ll be up to 30-degrees warmer when inside it. It’s easy to maneuver, easy to use, and easy to maintain season to season.

A large part of what has made Under the Weather so popular has to do with Rick Pescovitz himself. The pop-up sports pod is not his first invention, not his first avenue into the world of entrepreneurship. In the late 1990’s to early 2000’s, his company Professional Image Apparel offered a catalog of gifts for the corporate customer. The company grew to be a multi-million-dollar enterprise that offered corporate casual wear to various organizations including LensCrafters and Southwestern Publishing Co. It’s clear he knows what he’s doing, and with the help of his marketing guru wife, Kelly, Under the Weather is in great hands to continue growing.

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As the brand continues to grow and establish itself as the top seller of sports pop-up on the market, Pescovitz continues to seek new opportunities to establish the brand. In his hometown of Cincinnati, Pescovitz and Mahan recently bought a 78,000-square-foot complex to serve as a sports complex in the community. It comes complete with indoor soccer, volleyball, and basketball courts, as well as a full-service bar.

Rick Pescovitz and Under the Weather have created a solution to a long-standing problem in the sports world and beyond. Customers use these pop-up tents for cover on the beach, for backyard hangouts, evenings by the bonfire, and so much more. The company can surely look forward to more growth this year, and more opportunities on the horizon.

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