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What happens when a little boy with a love of Legos and airplanes turns into a man who still loves to build and fly? Aaron “Wyp” Wypyszynski is living proof that young dreams can turn into reality. Though his first goal was to be a pilot in the Air Force, he switched gears when he was told he was too tall (78” is the cut-off). His current work as an Aeronautical Engineer has set Aaron up for doing even more than simply flying planes—he’s now creating an entirely new sport set in the sky.

The Wyp Aviation Wingboard is described as “wakeboarding for the sky”, and is a sport that’s been in the works since 2013. This patent-pending board is designed to be the ultimate for adventure enthusiasts looking for a new thrill in the sky.

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The Wingboard is crafted to feel like a true wakeboarding experience, except for the fact that you’re whipping through clouds rather than water. The wings mimic the look of a plane, long and tapered for aerodynamics.

The rider stands with their feet secured on the platform and white-knuckles a handlebar connected to a tow line behind a flying plane. Just like a glider, the Wingboard takes off with the plane, lifting the rider thousands of feet into the air. At the end of a ride, the board’s built-in parachute auto deploys, returning the rider safely back to the ground.

As of their appearance on Shark Tank, the Wingboard is in Phase 3 of development which includes human flight testing. The process has been a long one for the Wyp Aviation team, beginning with a humble initial prototype in the summer of 2013. Scaled models of the Wingboard were then created at 1/6th size and 40% size.

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In September 2014, Wyp Aviation sought public funding for Phase 2 development, and the Wingboard’s first flight and tow test was underway the following November. The full-scale model underwent testing in a wind tunnel and gave riders the unique opportunity to see the Wingboard in action in a safe environment.

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While their first product is the game-changing Wingboard, Wyp Aviation is about more than just airborne sports. The company also offers development services that help entrepreneurs and startups design, prototype, and test their own unique inventions. Wyp Aviation offers new ventures the opportunity to build their ideas with in-house 3D printers, CNC machines, and fabrication tools. They are dedicated to offering low-cost options for every budget, so any company can afford to bring their passion to flight.

UPDATE: Wyp Aviation is no longer in business.

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