Tekdry – Water Removal for Cell Phones

Each year more than 22 million cell phones meet their fate in the toilet bowl, swimming pool, mashing machine, or due to other aquatic catastrophes. You may have heard that you can dry your phone by burying it in uncooked rice, unfortunately this solution is unlikely to do the job. A study conducted DTJ Consulting proves using rice is actually less effective than just leaving the phone out to air dry, removing about 13% of liquid over 48 hours versus 15% from air drying.

Other tricks for drying phones are even worse, and some people have resorted to trying hair dryers, ovens, and even microwaves. These are all terrible ideas and can warp sensitive components inside the phone. Luckily there is better way to save your important contacts, data, apps, precious memories and photos. Tekdry can rescue your device in under 30 minutes.

If your phone gets submerged keep it turned off, don’t plug it in, and get it to a Tekdry location as quickly as possible. You can find a location on the Tekdry website and or check with your local Staples. If there isn’t a location near you, Tekdry can still save your phone with their mail-in service.

If Tekdry can’t save your phone you pay nothing. Your device does not have to be taken apart, and the process causes no cosmetic damage or other damage. Tekdry can also save water damaged laptops, tablets, electronic key rings, camcorders, cameras, gaming systems, smartwatches and more.


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