Vengo – Mini Touchscreen Vending Machines

When you’re shopping for groceries, the last thing you’re likely trying to buy is a copy of OK! Magazine with Jay-Z and Beyonce’ on the cover. Yet, once you finally make it to the grocery finish line (the checkout) you may find yourself tempted to pick up a copy and toss it in your cart. It’s this kind of understanding of human behavior that’s made Vengo, the little portable vending machine, such a hit.

Vengo machines offer everything from Snickers bars to toothpaste and anything in between, all in a three-foot space that occupies only space on a wall. With their sleek touchscreen design and modern look, you can buy all the things you never knew you needed while waiting in a hotel lobby, all with just a tap.

Vengo machines can be found everywhere – from hospitals to hotels, spas to schools. Pick up small things you want (or don’t know you want) today with these modern selling machines.

Shark Tank Air Date: 3/18/2016 – Season 7 – Episode 22