Bundil Turns Spare Change Into Cryptocurrency

Many of us have a habit of tossing our spare change into a jar, shoe box or drawer. It’s an easy way to save. We don’t miss those coins, and it’s huge fun when, after months or even years, we count our stash and are absolutely flabbergasted at our windfall.

Bundil is like that. It takes the spare change from your ordinary credit or debit transactions and micro-invests it in cryptocurrency, greatly reducing the risk by investing small amounts of money. For instance, lunch costs $8.65. Bundil rounds it up to $9.00 and invests the $.35.

The user-friendly app guides you through linking to your credit card or debit card account; selecting the cryptocurrency you want to invest in (options in Bundil are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash); and deciding how you want to invest. Maybe you prefer to invest $.50 or $1.00 per transaction rather than having the change rounded up. Then your work is done. You can sit back and watch your investment grow.

There’s a bunch of buzz about cryptocurrency these days, but it’s a daunting prospect. Maybe we aren’t exactly sure what it’s all about. And then there’s the jargon to decode. Even if we were willing to hop on board, where to start? Dmitri Love, CEO and co-founder of Bundil, to the rescue.

Dmitri was on his way to a degree in biochemistry at the University of Arkansas when a devastating soccer injury disrupted his studies. During the long recuperation, he taught himself programming and began a new journey—a path that led him to becoming the successful software engineer he is today. While looking for fun things he could build, he came across Acorns, an app that facilitates investing in commodity assets. Since his interest was in cryptocurrency, he set out to make investing in it accessible to everyone. Bundil was the result—no large amounts of money needed, nor any “insider” knowledge.

Bundil users don’t have to evaluate the market, monitor the prices, or wait until they have a sizable amount of money to transfer to the right account. Also, there is the benefit of being able to manage your investments. You might see a shift in the market and want to buy an extra $5 (or $5,000 or anything in between), or you might decide to sell some or all of your coins. You can do either, easily and safely, at any time with the Bundil app. Maybe you want to take a break from investing. You can “snooze” your account, and purchases will not be rounded up and invested. Then restart when you are ready to get back to it.

But make no mistake, Bundil is not only for novices to the cryptocurrency scene. Even long-time, knowledgeable investors benefit: when they have no time to decipher the constant advances involved, evaluate the cryptocurrency market in depth, and monitor the prices.

And for both beginners and experts, a world-class support team is ready to answer any and all questions and concerns.

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