Felt – Digitally Created Handwritten Cards

In a world of texting, emails and Facebook invites, it’s a rare and beautiful thing to receive a letter from a friend – in the mail. Aside from paper bills, coupons for fast food and the occasional news or magazine subscription, nothing exciting comes to us from Mr. (or Mrs.) Postman anymore. With the Felt app, you can create and customize your own “handwritten” cards to family and friends and have them shipped directly to their real-life inbox. They ‘re handwritten cards for the modern world.

Felt allows you to create a fully customizable experience for your loved ones. Simply open the app and select your template, then any square photo from your smartphone. Then, use your finger to handwrite your message. No need to worry about sloppy fingerwriting, Felt has a fun and simple toolkit that allows you to write beautifully in your own penmanship, including guidelines, an eraser, undo and redo buttons, scissors, and more. You can also choose from designer fonts.

Felt then creates a beautiful, handcrafted card according to your design, applies a first-class stamp to your premium Mohawk paper envelope, and sends it on its way – all within 24 hours. What’s more, you can send a single square card directly from your iPhone.


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