Fixed – App for Parking and Traffic Tickets

Fixed is a San Francisco based company that offers a high-value but inexpensive service to drivers in California – traffic ticket review. Submission is done via a phone app and requires only a picture of the ticket and answers to two driving history questions. Fixed’s agents will review the details of your case and match you with an attorney who can help contest your case.

Fixed’s service can help drivers save significant sums of money, both from paying the ticket and from the increased insurance costs that come with having points on your license. Fixed provides in depth and up to date information on how much a ticket will cost, both up front and over time. In all, a single ticket for speeding can cost between $800 and $1,200 over the course of three years, making Fixed’s service a bargain in comparison.

Fixed runs on the motto “It never hurts to know.” Submitting a ticket to the company is free, as is the ticket review. Once the agent matches you to an attorney you will be responsible for the attorney fees, which start as low as $150. The attorney’s that Fixed has in its database have tens of thousands of cases under the belts and have a 90% success rate, 30% higher than the success rate of contesting a ticket by mail

Fixed can review multiple types of tickets for its customers, including speeding tickets, red light violations, and stop sign violations. Customers don’t even need to show up to court to contest their ticket. The best part is the fact that contesting a ticket through Fixed comes at no risk as the option to attend traffic school to remove points from your record is still available.

Fixed has been featured in numerous national publications and has reviewed more than 60,000 tickets since being founded in 2013.

Update: Fixed was acquired by Lawgix. The app is no longer available.

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