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A honeymoon at a luxury resort in the Maldives: $400. An anniversary trip to Paris: $100. Or Turkey: $75. “Impossible.” “Has to be a scam.” “And the bad news is?” It’s possible. It’s legit. It’s all good, and you can get those same kind of prices by using RewardStock.

Millions of people are signed up for travel rewards. Buy a plane ticket, accumulate miles, get a free flight. Hotels work the same way. If you are not getting travel reward points, you’re leaving money on the table. Incredibly, billions of dollars in points go unused every year, most often because people don’t know how to use them. RewardStock is here to remedy that. Think of reward points as stocks and bonds and the application as the financial advisor who will manage them for you. Just like stocks and bonds, sometimes it’s all too complicated for many of us. RewardStock’s algorithms do it for us. Here’s the thing: Unlike financial advisors, we do not pay RewardStock for its work.

Jon Hayes, founder of RewardStock, is just the person to develop those algorithms. After graduating from Princeton with a degree in economics, Jon went to work on Wall Street as an investment banker. He was on the fast track, getting regular promotions: analyst to associate to vice president—moving on up, taking on more responsibility, working longer hours. Then he began noticing that his colleagues on higher rungs of that corporate ladder were sacrificing time with their families for those positions, and they were missing out on all the experiences that life away from Wall Street has to offer.

But he’d think about that later. At the time, he and his fiancee were planning a wedding, particularly the honeymoon. Jon had some experience with maximizing reward points, and he and his fiancee were determined to get the honeymoon of their dreams for as little money as possible. It took a lot of time and effort, but they took a $40,000 trip to the Maldives for $400.

John was hooked on traveling on reward points and knew that computer algorithms would figure it out more easily. He also realized that lots of people would love to travel without having to bust their budgets. He quit Wall Street, returned to his home base in North Carolina and went right to work creating a web application that would show travelers how to optimize their reward points. Whatever your goals, travel more often, visit more exotic locales or indulge yourself in luxury, RewardStock will get you there.

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Go to Enter how many points you have and where you want to go, then let the algorithm do its thing and create a portfolio that will tell you how to get there, e.g., how to earn more points, how to earn them quickly, how to get more value for points, how to link together accounts to keep track of all your points at one place. Also, you will learn how to be smart with credit cards: what credit cards are best for where you want to go and what credit cards offer the most reward points. (RewardStock does not charge users, because credit companies pay a commission for every customer who signs up for a card on the website.)

If you have no points at all, fret not. Let RewardStock know where you would like to go, and it’ll get you there sooner than you’d ever expect.

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Shark Tank Air Date: 11/18/18 – Season 10 – Episode 5


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